Bible and Church Groups

We believe that a strong foundation in Bible study and the gathering of the bretheren is essential on partaking in God's presence.  Through a non-watered down Bible study and learning God's Word, the Body of Christ can withstand most challanges that the world may dish out.

Youth Pastor Clory Cox


A life changing ministry using multimedia & drama empowering young people to be equipped for the future.
Their goal is to build the foundations of the Christian faith into the hearts and lives of young people, equipping them for purposes of evangelism, discipleship, ministry, and worship.  They enjoy using illustrated messages, drama skits and multi-media resources to enhance their experience in developing a solid relationship with the Lord.  They especially enjoy having events at their home which include outdoor picnics, games, bonfires, and lots of fun.

NEW LIFE SANCTUARY- Children's Ministry


Children's Pastor Barbara Kestner

Welcomes children ages 7-12 on Sunday mornings @ 10:00 am. 

Kids Live ministers teaching through illustrated sermons, drama, puppets, music and media. 

Super Sunday every 1st Sunday of the month where children earn Jesus dollars and get to shop at our Country Store.



NEW LIFE SANCTUARY- Children's Kindergarten Ministry

Sister Debbie Jackson, Director

Welcomes children ages 3-7 on Sunday mornings @ 10:00 am .

We are located in the front room near the Kids Live church entrance.  Beginner Bible lessons & songs, Bible movies, arts-and-crafts, snacks, play-time and more are provided in a loving Christian environment where Jesus is Lord.




Pastor Glenn Krapf

Men's Fellowship Meeting-

Meeting every third Friday of the month at 7:00pm in the church conference room.


Join us for a time of fellowship, food provided and a message of encouragement.

All men are welcomed.


We have a yearly retreat to Black Rock Retreat located in Lancaster County, PA.