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One Day Only

Deliverance service

with Bob Larson

Pastor Blane has been operating in the ministry of deliverance for the past 25 years. This video  is an example of  what takes place in our healing and deliverance services every Tuesday evening at New Life Sanctuary @ 7:00pm.


Bob Larson was here at New Life Sanctuary (TO BE ANNOUNCED)riday August 15, 2014.  Here is a phenomenal deliverance that took place that night.  Bob Larson confronts a 300 year old generational curse of Beelzebub and human sacrifice!  

Praying service

with Bree Keyton

We were honored to have Bree Keyton


Bree Keyton ministers in power evangelism.  She has an apostolic/prophetic call, brandishing a sword of steel while exercising the sword of the Spirit.  More than a million have been saved, delivered, and received emotional & physical healing by the awesome power of God through her ministry.  She leads dynamic prayer walk teams, and has a special call to break strongholds over cities, and nations. She leads rescue missions in jungles, travels the world teaching her college courses, and holding conferences and crusades.