The vision of this ministry is to create a Godly atmosphere for men of all nationalities and ages to come together and be encoraged in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Also for those who are unsaved, that they may seek and find Jesus, and choose to make Him their Lord and Savior.  This ministry will empower men to discover who they are in Christ, as well as release the anointing to establish thier posotions in their homes, amilies, work-place, community and nation.  It will enable them to effectively establish these matters according to the Wrod of God and by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.


Pastor Glenn Krapf

Black Rock Retreat

Where men can come together, fellowship and grow together spiritually.

Men getting together to fellowship and worshiping God.

In our Men's ministry we get together not only to get to know eachother but to fellowship and getting to know God closer together.